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“The will to win is not nearly so important as the will to prepare to win.”
Vince Lombardi


“Everything begins with a thought, and thoughts are turned into plans, and plans into reality.”
Marshall Sylver


“I am happy with myself. I don’t have pain anymore. Will the pains come back?”
Elsie, Dr. Donkin Patient


Imagine being able to confidently as well as comfortably navigate through all the activities you need and want to do every day, week, month and year for your entire lifetime however long that is.

Learning the fundamentals of simple or complex tasks and activities is the first step to mastering them and is critical to lifelong health.


You can change your thoughts about your activities and add repetition to move those thoughts into actions. Over time these actions will become reality in your body as well as your life.


Lifelong health requires ongoing living the changes you made. The great news is that once you are living your changes, the momentum you created is much easier to continue.

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Sitting too long or too wrong creates weakness in individuals, organizations, and society. One key element of transformation includes shifting a weakness to a strength. Shifting sitting from a weakness to a strength transforms us.

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The War on Sitting: A Misunderstood Battle

Sitting has become one of the most maligned activities of our modern age. Everywhere you look, headlines scream about the dangers of sitting, likening it to smoking in its detrimental effects on health. But is sitting truly the villain it’s made out to be, or is it simply a misunderstood activity of daily living?

The truth lies not in the act of sitting itself, but in how we do it. Much like washing your hands, the technique matters immensely. Washing hands with a quick rinse and no soap is vastly different from a thorough 20-second scrub with soap and water. Similarly, sitting with poor posture and for extended periods without movement is what leads to health issues, not the mere act of sitting.

Consider sitting as akin to driving an automobile. An automobile can be used to commit a crime or to save a life. It is a tool whose impact is determined by how it is used. Sitting, too, is a tool. When done with awareness and proper technique, it can be a beneficial and necessary part of daily life.

The Technique of Sitting

The success or failure of sitting hinges on technique. Proper sitting technique involves:

  1.  Posture: Keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed, and feet flat on the floor. Your knees should be at a 90-degree angle, and your hips should be slightly higher than your knees.
  2.  Movement: Avoid sitting for long periods without a break. Stand up, stretch, or walk around every 30 minutes to an hour. Movement keeps blood circulating and prevents stiffness.
  3.  Support: Use a chair that supports the natural curve of your spine. An ergonomic chair can make a significant difference in comfort and posture.

By focusing on these aspects, sitting can be transformed from a harmful habit into a healthy one.

The Intent of Sitting

Another critical element is the intention behind sitting. The intent with which we sit influences our overall health and well-being. Sitting with intention means being mindful of why and how we are sitting. Are we sitting to relax, to focus on a task, or to socialize? Each intention can guide how we sit and for how long.

Intentional sitting can turn this often-demonized activity into a beneficial practice. For instance, sitting to meditate or practice mindfulness can enhance mental clarity and reduce stress. Sitting with correct posture while working can boost productivity and prevent discomfort.

Examining the Circumstances

To make sitting successful and healthy, it’s essential to examine the circumstances in which we sit. Different situations call for different techniques and intentions. Here are a few examples:

  • At Work: Use an ergonomic chair, ensure your screen is at eye level, and take regular breaks to stand and stretch.
  • At Home: When watching TV or reading, sit in a supportive chair and change positions frequently.
  • While Traveling: On long flights or car rides, use lumbar support and move as much as possible.

By adjusting our sitting habits to fit the circumstances, we can minimize the risks associated with prolonged sitting.


The war on sitting is based on a misunderstanding. Sitting itself is not the enemy; poor sitting habits are. By focusing on technique and intention, we can transform sitting into a healthy and integral part of our daily lives. Much like the way we wash our hands, the way we sit matters. With the right approach, sitting can be both successful and beneficial, contributing to our overall health and well-being.

So, the next time you take a seat, remember: it’s not just about sitting; it’s about how and why you sit. Make every moment intentional and mindful, and you’ll find that sitting can indeed be a healthy, productive, and even enjoyable activity.

Scott W. Donkin DC, DACBOH

The Key to Fully Enjoy Living

The Art-of-Living well involves more than just art. You have to be up on the most current science and research on all aspects of wellness. It also requires regular practice, to develop and sustain the mental and physical resilience to harness your mind, body, and mood to be at your best every day of your life.

Our M3+ Mind- Movement-Mood Wellness Center efficiently integrates Diet/Nutrition, Exercise, Biomechanics, and the MindFulChoice System™ for optimal thinking – all under one roof or online, and will provide you with a customized assessment and action plan for your specific lifestyle and goals.

Our total wellness model is tailored to fit your individual needs with just the right services to reach your personal destination for a life of clarity, purpose, and joy.



A few of Dr. Donkin’s ongoing projects and endeavors.
Unmask Neck Pain

Is your mask hurting you? As if working from home or feeling the pressure revolving around mitigating the spread of COVID-19 isn’t enough, we now must deal with the pain of wearing masks.


Warm Weather Woes

Chronic conditions can have flare-ups no matter the temperature outside, but the summer weather does cause our bodies to need a period of adjustment, and this can increase the painful symptoms of arthritis and other conditions.


Making Your Home Workstation Work for You

Scores of my patients, as well as millions more are now working from home. Teachers, students, attorneys, those in the financial services and many others are trying their best to remain productive in make-shift home workstations.


Dr. Donkin serves as a Global Facilitator for The Mental Wellness Society© whose mission is “. . . to identify, promote, and advance the acquisition of concepts and knowledge that can equip individuals with the means to achieve wellness in the psychological, behavioral, and interpersonal areas of their lives.”




Providing information and services related to the biomechanics of using back packs and other bags, luggage, or packages that are held, carried or worn.




The 3-in-1 Kabooti® donut seat cushion is a revolutionary donut pillow that provides comfort and support no matter where you sit.

Stressful Times

There will always be times and events in our lives that cause stress, pressure, grief, and discomfort. Unfortunately, they are unavoidable. However, we can choose how we respond and what we do to help alleviate the pain caused by traumatic life events and experiences.


Weighted Blanket

The Ultimate Guide to Weighted Blankets™

Information coming soon.

How to Handle a Hidden Problem Caused by Stress: COVID Clenching

A new and serious side-effect from stress caused by the pandemic has been detected by Nebraska chiropractor Dr. Scott Donkin. Neck, back and jaw pain, headaches, and insomnia have worsened significantly, and they are the direct result of excessive “clenching.”

Mindful Use™

Information coming soon.

Evoke Rezzilience Protocol™

Information coming soon.

Dr. Donkin is available to discuss your level of motivation on health, wellness, longevity, and quality of life.  Contact Dr. Donkin with any questions and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

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